Maria Olsen, Bui Tyril

Here are two things you should know about Nordixis. First, we are a small but highly effective team of communication specialists and our approach to organisational communication is customer oriented and hands on; at the same time, we are keen researchers and analysts. Second, we seek definiteness of purpose for every project, however we take our time when necessary to conduct situation analyses and build communication strategies in liaison with our clients.

The watchword is specific goals and meaningful plans of action, rigorous implementation and top quality work throughout the communication cycle.

What is it that motivates your customers? Who are they? Why do people sign up for your service?

Effective communication is not least about coming to a clear understanding of what it really is that you bring to the table in the marketplace or in the realm of public discourse.

Whichever agency you may be working with, we can assist your in-house or external team, either as your new agency or as independent consultants to complement your existing teams. We are highly experienced in this field of work, whether it’s about developing powerful ideas or new angles, producing your materials at top quality, or identifying blind spots and potential problems in your existing communications — important details relating to, for instance, message consistency, information value, tone of voice, or imagery.

We can help you save serious amounts of money, time and effort by making sure your communications is compelling.

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