Faroe Business Report 2012 front coverThe 2012 edition of our Faroe Business Report has been printed and published online at FaroeBusinessReport.com to become the seventh volume in the series. Among the themes covered: the Faroe Islands as an ideal destination for business tourism combining conferences and meetings with team building activities; challenging issues surrounding the fishing industry, such as foreign ownership of licenses; the impact from the current pelagic boom on ports and shipping; and the significance that this year’s drilling may have for oil and gas exploration offshore the Faroes.

In addition to feature articles that discuss current issues, more than thirty business profiles are presented as short features, written by editor-publisher Bui Tyril. Contributing editors Quentin Bates, Menakhem Ben-Yami, and Jeremy Cresswell, respectively, offer their insights on the Faroe Islands as a place to visit, the general importance of small-scale fishing, and the prospects of finding commercial amounts of hydrocarbons in the Faroese continental shelf.

Faroe Business Report 2012 is published in association with Vagar Airport, our main distribution partner.