Since our recent expansion of the reach of the Faroe Business Report into several Nordic airport lounges, the feedback has been exceedingly positive, with the magazine picked up by more readers than expected at key points.

One officer working for Inflight Media, a Nordic subcontractor of our main distribution partner, said she was surprised to see how quickly the magazine was picked up by travelers using the SAS Lounge at Copenhagen Airport.

“This is amazing,” she told project manager Maria Olsen. “The copies of the Faroe Business Report were gone in no time — we should have had more of them.”

The hard copy edition of the Faroe Business Report was printed in 6,000 copies in 2015, with the upcoming 2016 version set to have a circulation of at least the same. The printed version of the Report is distributed to participating clients as handout copies, to arriving and departing travelers at Vagar Airport through our strategically placed magazine stands in the passenger terminal there, and to travelers visiting airport lounges in Copenhagen, Billund, Aalborg, Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Digital versions are available through