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Since 2005 we have, on an annual basis, published and produced Faroe Business Report — the International Review of Faroe Islands Industry and Trade.

The Faroe Business Report has become widely recognised as a leading information source in its field, offering a quick yet comprehensive overview of the Faroe Islands’ seafood exports, services sector and business environment. The print and online magazine’s format makes it convenient for businesses as well as government departments and agencies to get their message across to an international audience without straining their budgets.

With the purpose of educating overseas clients, business and diplomatic contacts, and news media about the Faroe Islands, the Report has proved invaluable to readers, and indispensable for co-sponsors and advertisers for its well presented, easily digested information.

To participating businesses and public authorities, the Report has proved an invaluable tool for the dissemination of easily digested information aimed at educating overseas clients, business and diplomatic contacts, and relevant news media about the Faroe Islands as an exporting country and a place for foreign investment.

For more information please go to www.FaroeBusinessReport.com.