Front Seat Magazine is a new publication that covers “Nordic business challenges and investment opportunities, worldwide.” The magazine is published twice a year, in print and as an iPad app.

Front Seat Magazine’s target audience is primarily decision makers and high influencers who are interested in the Nordic region and in companies with Nordic links.

  • Executives
  • Investors
  • Business owners
  • Affluent individuals
  • Leaders of thought
  • High-ranking officers in business, government and civil society

Written in an engaging style by seasoned journalists and specialist writers, and presented with powerful images by professional photojournalists, Front Seat Magazine takes on issues of importance and relevance for readers who regularly analyse industry related problems on multiple levels — for example, global, social, ethical, financial or technical.

Apple iTunes link to the magazine app — Front Seat on Nordic Business Worldwide.

Sample pages (PDF):
Front Seat Magazine — Volume 02
Front Seat Magazine — Volume 01

Contact details:

Editor and Publisher Bui Tyril
GlobalOne Press Ltd
Enterprise Business Centre
Admiral Court
Poynernook Road
Aberdeen AB11 5QX
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)845 0531842

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