Our first book title, IMAGES OF FISHERMEN: The North Atlantic, by Maria Olsen et al (GlobalOne Press, Aberdeen, 2006) is a coffee-table book that presents, in compelling language, the reality of North Atlantic fisheries as seen through a photographer’s lens.

Paying tribute to those who fish for a living and bring seafood to the world, Images of Fishermen offers a unique, inside view of Faroe, Shetland, Iceland, and Greenland fisheries. with a comprehensive case study focusing on the management system applied in the Faroe Islands.

A “Superb Photo Record of Fishing” (according to Fishing Newsl), this may well be the first book evert to cover commercial fishing this comprehensively using photojournalism.

Through six photo essays, professional photographer Maria Olsen delivers a feast of 200 stunning pictures, documenting diverse fishing trips while covering several fishing methods including benthic and midwater trawling, pair trawling, gillnetting, and longlining.

Images of Fishermen also contains an authoritative treatise written by the world-renowned fisheries adviser Menakhem Ben-Yami on contemporary fisheries management issues, first and foremost related to the special case of Faroe. The book is introduced with a brief overview of the great fishing traditions of the four tiny North Atlantic island communities, written by Búi Tyril.

For more information, please go to www.IMAGESofFISHERMEN.com.