Front Seat Magazine draft front coverA new, international business publication is to be launched in July this year with focus on highlighting the Nordic region in the context of business and investment opportunities.

Front Seat Magazine’s prospective readership consists of “decision makers and high influencers with an interest in the Nordic countries,” according to the publisher.

The magazine will be published twice a year both online and in print. The print edition will, in liaison with Gold Key Media, a leading distributor to the airline and hotel industry, be made available in airline lounges at international airports in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The magazine will also be made available at some of the UK’s finest business addresses through magazine display racks in lobbies and reception areas, specifically targeting blue chip corporations whose employees are high earners and well educated.

“We’re talking about a large number of corporate sites across London,” says the publisher, Bui Tyril, of Nordixis.

As for the online edition, Apple’s iPad will be at the centre of it.

“We are registered Apple Developers and have full access to a recognised publishing technology for the Apple Newsstand platform,” Mr. Tyril adds. “This means we are in an excellent position to make the Front Seat Magazine application for the iPad available to subscribers worldwide.”

For desktop users and those with non-Apple handheld devices, Front Seat Magazine will likewise be made available in PDF format.