Maria OlsenHi, my name is Maria Olsen and I’m a Swedish photographer and the general manager and co-founder of Nordixis. I have more than 15 years of professional experience in media, PR, commercial, and industrial photography.

Nordixis is largely based around my photography and Búi Tyril’s writing but even more the combined knowledge and skills that we have developed in communication, with extensive experience in working with, for example, the maritime sector.

As a production manager and photo editor of a variety of media productions including the Faroe Business Report, I enjoy working both as a creative professional and a business manager.

I am trained as a photojournalist so there is often a journalistic approach involved in the work I do. My training at ICP in New York and subsequent working experience has helped increase my understanding and appreciation of the photographic medium as it relates to people and personal stories.

Depending on the nature of the job, I work independently as a photographer or as part of the Nordixis team.

My passion for documentary photography has also resulted in projects such as portraits of homeless people, handicapped children, and victims of the Bosnian War, including a photo essay on orphans and their daily struggle to go to school despite the war. My latest photo project ‘Images of Fishermen: The North Atlantic’ has been published in a book and the exhibition ‘Ocean Fishing – Six Trips on the North Atlantic’ has been showing at six museums and institutions in Nordic countries in the last three years.

To make a long story short, my photographic experience and knowledge have increased over the years. I’ve learned, for example, that quality pictures are guaranteed to add visual leverage and credibility to companies — while also giving them more control of their PR and marketing efforts.

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