Our business activities are primarily focused on communication and multimedia, ranging from audio and video production through photography and copywriting to graphic design — including public relations, advertising, and publishing.

As of October 2020, we’ve acquired Local.fo, an online daily dedicated to provide news about the Faroe Islands in English language. The idea is to further strengthen our online presence when it comes to Faroe Islands related news and information for international audiences.

Since 2005, we’ve published the yearly magazine Faroe Business Report — the international review of Faroe Islands industry and trade — in hardcopy and digital versions. The emphasis, however, will now be shifted to the online version. Aimed largely at regional promotion, the publication has nonetheless become widely recognised as a leading information source in its field, offering a quick yet comprehensive overview of the Faroe Islands as an exporting country while also highlighting its business environment, not least in the context of investment.

Also be sure to check Hook & Net, which we helped  launch in early 2016 — an exciting publication made for smartphone or tablet, plus there’s a web interface to make it available on your computer as well. Hook & Net is free and written for the fishing industry, by people with a fishing background. We don’t promise that you’ll agree with everything you might read in Hook & Net, but we do aim to keep it interesting and engaging.

Another successful item is the 384-page coffee-table book Images of Fishermen: The North Atlantic (GlobalOne Press, Aberdeen 2006), by Maria Olsen et al, a photographic feast highlighting Greenland, Iceland, Faroe, and Shetland fisheries. A British editor said about the book and its author: “Maria is a superb photographer … her work includes one of the finest books of fishing vessels at work that has ever been done anywhere.”

Other titles are underway, and will be announced in due course.