CPH3WWith the 2014 edition of the Faroe Business Report recently published and the third issue of Front Seat Magazine soon underway, airport lounges are becoming an increasingly popular venue for our business publications. In addition to the obvious option of using the opportunity to read the online version of these magazines, business travelers can grab a print copy which, after all, many find more comfortable to read.

Vagar Airport remains the most important distribution channel for the Faroe Business Report, however a number of Nordic airport lounges are being added to the mix with this year’s volume — Copenhagen, Billund, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki.

As for Front Seat, the distribution of the print edition goes through same lounges in addition to lounges at London Heathrow as well as through private jet terminals and some 60 corporate venues in central London.

The upcoming issue features a main story on “Urban Revolutions: How New Development Projects Will Transform Nordic Cities.” For more details, please contact us.