Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to get a complex message across effectively.

So why does 1+1 equal more than 2 when it comes to our magazines? The thing is, we offer much more than top-quality editorial content accompanied by a few display advertisements.

We create context — that is, richly illustrated, readable and compelling stories — to give our readers an experience that goes beyond presenting a few facts.

We connect the dots to offer real perspective.

Important as it is for you as an advertiser to make sure your ads are always placed in appropriate editorial environment, there are times when an extra effort is required to get a comprehensive message exactly right.

That’s where the ‘Sponsored Feature’ option comes in. With this option, the Front Seat Magazine and Faroe Business Report editorial teams engage with you to develop an article on your behalf.

We are rigorous to identify the relevant facts and sort out the real issues involved before putting together a piece that conveys clearly and credibly a message that supports your business objectives.

What you effectively do is not merely hiring an external journalist who ‘happens to have’ a good understanding of business as well — your story will be made in the right style and tone to blend in and stand out at the same time.

We mark such articles discreetly but visibly to make sure the reader understands they are paid for by third party.

To learn more about this option, contact us…