The Russian market for seafood as well as shipping related services is becoming increasingly important for Faroese exporters. In collaboration with the Representation of the Faroes in Moscow, a web version of a large portion of the latest edition of the Faroe Business Report was brought online in Q4 of 2015. According to Dr. Bjørn Kunoy, Head of the Representation, the Russian Edition has been welcomed as indicated by rising traffic to the blog-format site, found at

“There is clearly a demand in Russia for Faroese products and services and the information provided by the Faroe Business Report is an asset in that respect,” Mr. Kunoy commented, adding: “Making the most relevant part of the publication available in the Russian language was a logical way to address this need. Feedback coming from Russian businesses has been supportive and encouraging so we look forward to continue this service on the next edition of the Report.”

The Representation of the Faroes in Moscow, opened in March 2015, is operated by the Faroe Islands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and located at the Royal Danish Embassy.